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If you are continuing to have problems with Blackboard modules not loading, try clearing your browser cache. See our Knowledge Base article at https://go.ku.edu/4wKOh6 for help in clearing cache in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Clearing your cache should fix the issue and allow modules to load in Blackboard.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or itcsc@ku.edu.

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Blackboard Login Issues: 785-864-8080 | Blackboard Support: 785-864-2600 or blackboardsupport@ku.edu

Blackboard Support Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 AM — 5 PM | Blackboard Maintenance Windows: 4 AM — 6 AM Monday through Friday| 12:00 AM (midnight) — 12:00 PM (noon) Sunday